Psychological Interventions

If you or your loved one struggle with mental health issues or substance use disorder (SUD), we are here to help. At Sober Success & Partners, we are a team of expert addiction and mental health specialists. We offer expert-led psychological interventions to help you or a loved one overcome addiction or a mental health issue and achieve a higher quality of life.

We understand that it can be difficult for those struggling and their loved ones to reach out for help. At Sober Success & Partners, we deliver each of our services with compassion and non-judgment. You don’t need to feel shame for asking for help. We are human, and we are here to help each other.

What Is a Psychological Intervention?

To help you or your loved one overcome their mental health issues, we deliver a range of evidence-based psychological interventions. Psychological intervention is a means of bringing about the necessary change in mood and outlook one needs to recover. Psychological interventions are often a crucial starting point for individuals and their families to move closer to full recovery.

A popular example of psychological intervention is psychotherapy. Addiction and other mental health issues often have their roots in unresolved trauma or adverse experiences from our past. In psychotherapy, clients take part in a one-to-one therapy session with a professional, attuned therapist.

In sessions, therapists and clients work together to discuss the client’s thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours. By addressing these three key areas, both therapist and client gain insight into the roots of one’s present-day mental health issues. With this insight, positive change can take place. Clients can learn healthy, effective ways of dealing with their distressing or uncomfortable feelings and strengthen their emotional resilience.

Psychological interventions aim to elicit a positive change in a clients outlook. They promote self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-efficacy. With greater awareness, compassion, and self-efficacy, a client is likely to realise that entering formal treatment is the right move. It would benefit themselves and their loved ones and lead to a better quality of life for everyone involved.

What We Offer

At Sober Success & Partners, we offer comprehensive, integrated treatment services for addiction and mental health. We commit to providing the most effective and appropriate treatment available to each client that comes to us for help. Our goal is to help you overcome the obstacles to your highest potential health status and to achieve that goal as safely and effectively as possible.

We understand how confusing and upsetting it is to see a loved one struggle with their mental health. Many families and loved ones of those struggling feel overwhelmed and lost in the face of their loved one’s condition. It’s normal to feel confused – nobody expects you to process and deal with your loved one’s mental health issue alone.

It can be hard to know what to do when someone you love is struggling, and many experience feelings of guilt, shame, and self-blame when they feel that they can’t help. Mental health conditions can be challenging. For someone to recover, professional treatment and support are necessary.

At Sober Success & Partners, we understand that each client and each family is unique. As such, we tailor our programs and services to suit your treatment needs. We aim to guide you on the right path and offer professional treatment to your or your loved ones to achieve a successful, lasting recovery. We help you begin your recovery by providing an expert-led psychological intervention.

Professional Support and Treatment at Sober Success & Partners

At Sober Success & Partners, we are a team of dedicated professionals, highly skilled and expertly trained in addiction and mental health recovery. With our in-depth assessment before treatment, we can determine the most appropriate plan of action to help you or your loved one overcome or manage your mental health condition.

It is common to feel lost and helpless in the face of poor mental health. At Sober Success & Partners, we offer attuned and compassionate support to reduce your feelings and overwhelm. You can rest assured that your care will be in the right hands when you come to us for help.

We plan and execute our treatment with the client’s safety and comfort in mind. We can guide you and your family on the path to successful, lasting recovery, all the while answering with honesty and authenticity any questions or concerns you may have about treatment.

Psychological Intervention Planning and Execution​

With decades of combined, invaluable experience in addiction and mental health recovery, our team of expert professionals can plan and carry out a range of psychological interventions. We base our interventions on the latest recovery science, which means that we can yield the best possible outcomes.

Before any action on our part, we listen to your concerns and accounts of you or your loved one’s personality, history, and any particular need that would inform how best to approach intervention and treatment.

Comprehensive Treatment

Following a psychological intervention, we can provide a comprehensive, compassionately-led treatment plan to help you and your loved one heal. We provide attuned care and support at every step of the journey.

We don’t treat addiction or mental health issues with a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we deliver individually-tailored treatment programs. We use the information gathered from your initial assessment and psychological tests, as well as your accounts of your history and your present-day health and behaviour, to design a treatment program suited to your specific, unique needs.

During treatment, we equip clients with the tools and skills necessary for emotional resilience and self-management. We use a range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities to address the root causes of one’s condition. We also use pharmacological treatments to ease symptoms.

Discreet Inpatient or At-home Treatment

Clients can stay at our facility in Essex in an inpatient setting. Clients can also stay at home and take part in our at-home care service. Both types of treatment can be effective. A range of factors influences the kind of treatment you or your loved one receives – at-home or as an inpatient – such as how appropriate it would be to have a care provider live in your home or the severity of your loved one’s condition.

We treat a broad range of conditions here at Sober Success & Partners. Common conditions we treat include:

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) – heroin, cannabis, alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs
  • Eating Disorders – anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress and burnout
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Co-occurring SUD and mental health conditions

We understand your need for privacy. Where appropriate, we involve family members and loved ones in the treatment process. Still, your privacy and confidentiality are important to us. When clients feel safe and respected regarding their treatment preferences and needs, there is a much greater likelihood of positive therapeutic outcomes.

Arrange a Psychological Intervention

If you have a loved one struggling with a mental health condition, contact us today. We offer discreet, comprehensive, and compassionately led mental health care and treatment. We understand that reaching out for help can be difficult. Still, it is the most critical step you can take today on the road to lasting recovery.

When you contact us, we can answer any question or concerns you have about yourself or your loved one. We can also provide in-depth information about each of our programs. We work with complete authenticity and transparency to help put your mind at ease.

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If you or any of your loved ones struggle with mental and behavioural health issues, contact Sober Success for help. Our extensive range of services means you can find treatment and care that is right for you. Remember that the earlier professional help is sought, the greater chance you and your loved one have of achieving a successful recovery.