Drug & Alcohol Interventions

At Sober Success & Partners, we understand how difficult it is to help someone you love get the professional treatment they need to overcome their addiction. Addiction consumes a person.

For the person struggling, it’s hard to know when it’s time to accept reality and seek treatment. Loved ones can speak up about their concerns, but the person struggling may be in denial or unable to take that kind of confrontation, and relationships may end up strained.

We have seen first-hand how addiction can ruin lives. It wreaks havoc not only on the lives of those addicted but also on their loved ones. We have also seen how people have completely turned their lives around, found hope and families have come together once the addicted person accepts the help they need.

At Sober Success & Partners, we offer drug and alcohol interventions to support your loved one in receiving treatment. Despite the raised concerns of family members and even negative consequences of one’s addiction, it can be challenging to convince a person struggling with addiction to enter treatment.

Addiction and mental health experts lead our intervention service, so you can rest assured that we will intervene on your loved one’s addiction with compassionate, expert care.

What Is an Intervention?

Drug and alcohol interventions are a way of addressing the destructive consequences of addiction. Excessive misuse of drugs or alcohol has dire consequences on a person’s mental, physical, behavioural, and social health and well-being. Without treatment, addiction worsens and can lead to severe health complications, such as:

  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Lung damage
  • Mental health issues – depression, anxiety, psychosis
  • Overdose

Addiction also jeopardises our relationships. As per the nature of addiction, a person struggling is at risk of strained or lost professional, familial, romantic, and platonic relationships.

Addiction hijacks our brain in a way that makes us prioritise drug use and use over other vital areas of our life. It can make us neglect our family and other loved ones, lose motivation for work, and even engage in criminal activity to find and use the drug of addiction. Sometimes people go to great lengths to find the drug, such as borrowing or even stealing money to finance their addiction.

As such, professional intervention is a necessary, life-saving step we can take to help your loved one accept the reality of addiction. In a drug or alcohol intervention, an expert interventionist will come to your home to speak with your addicted loved one about the problem.

An essential ingredient for successful intervention is the addicted individual’s loved ones’ involvement in the intervention process. At Sober Success & Partners, we offer compassionate support and guidance to families who come to us for help.

We collaborate with families to get to know the affected individual and help each family member come to terms with the addiction. Addiction is a family disease, so we involve the family in intervention and treatment.

A successful intervention requires collaboration. We work with families and their addicted loved ones to create a comprehensive treatment plan. Once the addicted person is willing to accept our help, they have made a crucial first step on the road to recovery.

We understand that the concept of quitting drugs or alcohol can be daunting. We act decisively to make the process of quitting and recovering as smooth as possible.

We understand that it is important to not sugar coat the recovery process. Quitting drugs once you have become addicted is challenging. Still, our team at Sober Success & Partners share decades of rich, invaluable experience in the field of addiction and mental health care. We stay up-to-date with the latest findings and advancements in recovery science. As such, we can tailor and deliver a treatment program that makes the recovery process as safe and comfortable as possible.

How Do I Know if Intervention is Necessary?

Sometimes family members and loved ones struggle to understand the importance of intervention. Some fear that calling for outside help is a betrayal of their loved one, especially in dynamics where the relationship dynamic is enabling or codependent. If addiction is present and the addicted person is unwilling to seek help on their own or following your raised concerns, an intervention is necessary.

Feelings of guilt and blame may arise in the addicted person and other family members, but reaching out for professional help is the most loving, compassionate action you can take for your addicted loved one.

If you believe that you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and that intervention may be necessary, look out for the following:

  • Mood swings
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Lies and secrecy around behaviour and finances
  • Often talking about drugs or alcohol
  • Missing work or school
  • Sudden weight gain or loss
  • Failed attempts to quit using
  • Unwillingness to talk about addiction
  • Hostility around confrontation about substance use

If you notice the above in you or a loved one, seeking professional help is essential. A common misconception among loved ones of those struggling is that one needs to wait until their loved one hits rock bottom before asking for help. This is not the case. Addiction is a progressive condition, which means the earlier you seek treatment, the greater your chances of recovery success.

How Does Intervention Work?

Interventions begin with an initial consultation. Family members and other loved ones may feel confused, frightened, and lost in the face of their loved one’s addiction. At Sober Success & Partners, we stand by you and answer any questions or concerns you have about your loved one’s behaviour and how to move forward.

As mentioned, an essential ingredient for successful recovery is family involvement. Before we approach your addicted loved one, we work with the family to get everyone on the same page. There is strength in numbers, so when the whole family member works together, it is more likely that the addicted person will listen.

After the initial consultation, we aim to educate the family about the nature of addiction. Many families do not realise how each person has taken on a role in their loved one’s addiction.

Some family members act as enablers, supporting their loved one’s addiction, while others experience neglect or withdraw from the family unit. Others take on compensatory roles, such as children who strive for academic success to counter their parents worry about the addicted family member.

At Sober Success & Partners, we don’t only address the addicted person. We consider the entire family dynamic. Addiction is a family disease, so that it is the family that must heal.

After we get everyone on the same page and educate each family member about addiction, we begin the active intervention process. We carry this out with diligent care and compassion.

We don’t want the addicted person to feel confronted or overwhelmed. Hence, we help family members prepare to say what they want to communicate fairly and authentically. We speak to the addicted family member alongside the rest of the family and educate them on the impact of addiction and how we can help them recover step-by-step.

Expert-led, Compassionate Interventions

At Sober Success & Partners, we are here to listen to your concerns. We help you take the necessary steps to help your loved ones receive the treatment they need. For many, processing the reality of a loved one’s addiction can be confusing and overwhelming. We assure everyone who comes to us for help that addiction recovery is possible and comprehensive treatment is available.

We offer discreet, compassionate intervention services to address the problem at its core. We have a team of expert professional interventionists who can plan a uniquely tailored treatment plan for your loved one’s treatment needs. Our approach is compassionate, non-discriminatory, and expert-led.

If you have noticed that your loved one struggles with addiction and you don’t know where to look for help, please contact us at Sober Success & Partners today. Reaching out for help is a life-saving step you can take with a simple email or phone call. Once you reach out to us, we can arrange for an appropriate plan of action to help you and your loved one make real, lasting positive change.

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