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Here at Sober Success & Partners, you take centre-focus. You are our priority, so we do everything in our power to help you overcome your condition. Our goal is to help you stop using drugs or recover from mental health issues and restore in you and your family a high quality of life.

Addiction and mental health disorders can wreak havoc on individuals and their families, but recovery is possible. At Sober Success & Partners, we are a dedicated team of mental health professionals. We provide a range of addiction and mental health services at home in our residential treatment facility in Essex.

It can be hard to know where to look for help when you or a loved one develops an addiction or a complex mental health disorder. Fortunately, we are available to help you here at Sober Success & Partners. When you come to us for help, you can rest assured that you will receive the most effective and appropriate individualised care and treatment. We orchestrate your care through our comprehensive case management service.

What Is Case Management?

Recovery from addiction or other mental health issues does not happen overnight. Some people make great strides in the early days of recovery, while progress can be slow for others. Regardless of your rate of progress, addiction and mental health recovery is ultimately a life-long process.

The early days of recovery can seem daunting and challenging for individuals and their families. It can seem that there are countless big and small details that you must consider when seeking health care support.

At Sober Success & Partners, we help you navigate the complex world of addiction and mental health care. We understand that it can be challenging for families to know how to approach health care services. Family members may feel confused about the roles each member should play in the recovery process. Our expertly-trained case managers take on your needs and support requirements, handling the recovery process’s finer details, which allows you to relax and focus on your well-being.

When you come to us for support, you will meet our team of expert professionals who will stand by you on your journey to recovery. Our professionals offer complete guidance and compassionate support as you begin and move through each stage of treatment, from your initial assessment to continuing care after primary treatment.

We understand that recovery can be a long and slow process. Still, we commit to standing by you for as long it takes to help you achieve your recovery goals.

Case Management Services at Sober Success

At Sober Success & Partners, our expert-led case management services include:


We assess your unique circumstances to plan the most effective and appropriate approach to treatment. We consider the main issues, such as substance addiction, and also check for the presence of any underlying or co-occurring condition that could influence your recovery.


Post-assessment, your case manager will arrange for the design and preparation of your uniquely tailored treatment program. This takes much of the pressure off individuals and their families.


The case manager will monitor your loved one as they progress through the rehabilitation journey. They ensure that treatment programs and modalities occur in a logical progression for the client’s safety and well-being. The case manager monitors the client throughout treatment.


You may enter treatment at our inpatient facility in Essex, or it may turn out that at-home care would suit you more. Either way, your case manager will arrange for your treatment program to take place. If you require transportation, your case manager will arrange it.

The case manager will also liaise between primary treatment and aftercare services, such as sober support groups and continued therapy, to help you transition between recovery stages as smooth as possible.

Guidance and Support

Your case manager will stand by you as a source of compassionate support and guidance. Suppose you or your family members have any questions or concerns about treatment or your progress. In that case, the case manager will listen with intent and answer with transparency.

We understand that family members experience a rollercoaster of emotions when their loved one enters treatment. The case manager can put the family’s mind at ease by updating them on their loved one’s treatment progress.

Aftercare Support

It can be daunting to return to ‘normal’ life after treatment. Your case manager will offer well-researched recommendations and support even after your treatment is complete. You are not left to navigate life post-treatment alone. Your case manager will be aware of the most appropriate aftercare services to manage and sustain your recovery as you adapt to a new, healthier life.

Benefits of Case Management

A case manager will get to know you personally. From there, they can determine not only your needs but also your strengths. As such, the case manager can help you recover targeted treatment. They will understand the details of your addiction or mental health condition and be able to allocate the most appropriate, targeted treatment to give you the best chance of recovery success.

It can be hard for those dealing with mental health issues to manage appointments, resources, and other important information required for recovery formalities. Your case manager will take care of your scheduling and paperwork, so you don’t have to.

The case managers will also act as an advocate for your well-being. They will refer you to appropriate services and will liaise with service providers about your needs and requirements. The case manager will be a vital source of compassionate support throughout your recovery journey, so they will get to know a lot about you. They will speak with providers from personal experience about your progress, having monitored you from day one.

Case Management for Successful Recovery

At Sober Success & Partners, we place a significant focus on helping clients and their families understand the different recovery journey stages. We educate families on how each member can play a role in their loved one’s recovery success. Our expert team shares invaluable knowledge of the world of addiction and mental health care, so we can help clients navigate this complex world with a map based on their unique needs and treatment requirements.

With the proper facilitation, guidance, and companionship, our clients have a strong chance of achieving sustained recovery in the long term. Recovery from addiction and mental health takes patience and resilience – we can help you cultivate both on your journey.

Our expert-led case management service will help you receive the most appropriate care for your needs. We are proud to take much of the pressure off families and allow each family member to focus on their well-being.

We understand that those struggling sometimes feel guilt and shame because they feel they’ve put a strain on their family. We will offer as much support and guidance to the families as well as the clients. 
If you or a loved one are struggling, please contact us today. Comprehensive support is available as soon as you reach out for help.

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